Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Teen Perspective on: Dealing with Impossible People

A Teen Perspective on: Dealing with Impossible People
By: KRae

Dealing with the impossible people can seem, well, impossible but there is truly no way around it. Unless you live in a perfect world where you only encounter with people you like, which I don’t think you do. So since you probably agree that somewhere along the line you have to deal with the impossible people, let’s discuss easier ways to do deal with that. Hopefully by reading this and applying what I am saying to those situations then dealing those people who drive you totally bunkers won’t seem so bad and will become easier. And also by doing this the stress level in your life will greatly decrease.

So first off, how to make “them” not seem so bad and impossible. Well there is the simply way of just pretending their not so bad. But I’m sure we can all agree that doesn’t work no matter how bad we try to make it work. So I highly encourage you to try this trick, it is working for me greatly and I do hope it works and helps you as well.

Try and imagine the worst possible person there would be to get along with and deal with (and I am not meaning in your life I mean the WORST possible personality there would be in the world to get along with.) Now write it down, in detail. Write things they would do, write habits they would have, write how you would argue with them. (Please note, I am meaning argue not fist fight.) Write down all that and also all the difficult, annoying and impossible things there would be about them. Now carry it with you in your wallet, pocket, purse or heck why not even a fanny pack. Just carry it with you and after your done dealing with an impossible person in your life, take it out, read it and realize they would be even worse. So, be grateful that they aren’t as bad as can be, and leave that situation a little saner about dealing with them.

Now if after you truly try that trick that should really help you with dealing with the impossible. And if that truly doesn’t help you at all then I got a cold hard possibility to tell you…You might be an impossible person yourself… you might simply be so fixed into how horrible others are that you have become semi impossible yourself by not truly trying to fix the problem or excepting they are human. Or that you rather need those impossible people in your life to help you feel good about yourself. I know you don’t want to hear that out and try and think and realize what I am talking about by my observations of others and dealing with others and the impossible already.

However; if you try the trick and it helps you a little or hey maybe even greatly either way you might even need a little more help. So I believe another thing that might help is you to try and simply forget about that stress in your life so rather than assuming every time you come within a mile of some of your impossible people that you will lose your mind. Try and think, relating back to your list, well maybe they won’t be SO bad since they wouldn’t possible get to my WORST person ever. Simply assuming they will be better than the past could help you greatly to be a little more calm and collective with your thoughts before encountering those impossible people. But I need to also warn you, some people, like myself, if we go into a situation assuming everything will be better then it usually is or was and then it turns out to be then we just get more upset for being “let down”. So if you believe you are like that than I would suggest before going into a situation where you have to deal with the impossible people that you read your paper before even seeing them so then you can be expecting the worst and then when they are clearly not as bad as can be you may feel relieved by that and that in itself by be what you need.

I hope these simply, yet frustrating things, will help you with dealing with the impossible people.

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  1. There's some good advice in there. Thanks for, not only wanting to help others but, acting upon that desire. Keep up the great work.