Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Teen Perspective on: Views of Life and Death

A Teen Perspective on: Views of Life and Death
By: KRae

Some people look at life one way and death a totally different way, others see it all as one complete process and some couldn’t care less.

Well I know the way I look at life and death but I was very curious wondering if my views were the same or far from others thoughts on life and death and how to view it or think of it. so I decised to go ask people what they think and then write about it. so basically this article I wrote simply because most all of us wonder at some point or another about life, about death, about how we think and handle both of those and how others do.

So first off, some people when I asked them if I could talk to them and ask them a couple questions and explained myself and all they were excited then when I told them the subject, life and death, they went completely blank, not knowing anything to say. And honestly what faith does that give us all in the thought of life and death? Does it give us any at all? I’m not sure but really who could blame them anyways, even if they did know exactly what they wanted to say the topic of life and worse death is an uncomfortable topic. But it can be even worse if you’re not sure what you would say, which many people weren’t. So I hope reading this might open your mind to others thinking and the confidence in your own thinking.

(Please note for privacy only the first and last name initials and age is given)
A B 24 when I asked about death didn’t know what to say or think about it A B said I guess we just go back where we all came from. And when I asked about life A B said just live life to the fullest and stay positive.

Even though that is great advice about life can no assurance in death give you a fear to truly live?

N T 56 when I asked about death simply answered; don’t worry about death life for life and about life N T said choose what you’re living for in life.

M L 35 when I asked about death said I’m not scared of death cause I know where I’m going, M L feels you need to be confident in where you are going, I would agree and I am confident are you? When I asked M L about life M L answered; life would be simpler if people could realize happiness comes from inside you not outside help or people.

J S 17 when I asked about death said I don’t think people should worry about death. But I ask how can people not worry about something that will happen and there is no way out of it?

About life J S answered life is about valuing people in your life and doing this is living life to the fullest.

S W 24 when I asked about death said most people just get sick of life and want to die but life is a gift and you need to treat it and value it like one without wanting death sooner. When I asked life S W answered life is strange, people have to find the general truth and people really have to find their own personal truth in life also.

I agree with S W life is a gift, after all its called the present, so why don’t we value it like one?

Lastly I want to say that life is like a flame… if you think that your flame will burn long you usually will burn dimmer because you won’t cherish it as much and burn as bright. But if know or understand that your flame won’t last long, then you tend to burn bright because you appreciate the time your given. So why not act like your flame might die out because any of us at any time might have our own flame die out into the darkness and regret the fact that we never appreciated the flame correctly.