Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Teen Perspective on:Staying Positive

A Teen Perspective on: Staying Positive
By: KRae
I would like to state that the simply yet hard task of staying positive actually relates mainly back to having appreciation. Because if you appreciate the people around you and how they are and the situations in your life than it will be relatively easy for you to stay positive. But on the other side of things you can appreciate the life you have and the people around you and still have a poor attitude about things or have a very hard time staying positive about things in those exact moments. So I would like to make a two points about being positive.
First off, being positive is more than just making sure you have a smile on your on your face. It’s your whole attitude. It’s being ok, calm, patient and peaceful with working late, taking out the trash or finding out you have a report due in the morning even though your first idea was to get mad and say “screw that!” Your attitude and positive feel in those situations will actually help not just those around you but it will greatly help yourself also. Because staying positive in those little situations, where you would usually tend to be mad or stressed about it, will help you to actually get through things faster and much easier.
Remember a simply attitude check can do a lot. And I know you have probably heard that many times growing up or maybe you even still do hear that quite often. But take it from me, no matter how stubborn you choose to be or how much you want to deny it, the people who say that, are right. Your attitude affects who and what you choose to be in times where life gets you down.
Now, maybe you have a hard time being positive in general. Maybe life and hard times have just got you so down that you not only ask why me, but you ask why let it go on longer? Well I would like to encourage you that, that also goes back to appreciating because even though things seem so down, you don’t even know how much worse it could be. So I strongly encourage you to stay positive with all of life. Trust me I have been there, where you are, wondering why but you need to stay positive about all and everything because your negative attitude and outlook on things only makes things worse over all and makes it so you can’t even try and look to see the good in things.
So be positive in big and little situations, remember to appreciate things, and never forget, a simply attitude check can do a lot on making sure you know and see the positive and express the positive you. Rather than being people down with being so negative.

A Teen Perspective on: Handling Complication

A Teen Perspective on: Handling Complication
By: KRae
Complicated things happen all the time, without fail. But, it’s how we handle and react to those situations that show our true character. So I want to state some things that might help you with handling complicate things. Because, you see, knowing the best way to handle situations, in your unique way, is going to help you greatly on dealing with complicate and stressful times. So then you can be the best person you can be, even in the hard times.
Now I do believe we can all agree that hitting the wall or speeding up in traffic and cutting people off is probably not the best way to handle complication. So if we are all in agreement on that one than I would like to show some tricks and tips to handle stress and complication that some experienced and wise people do to help themselves in those situations. And I would also like to state a little about their personality also because, I will say once again, everyone is very different and therefore have different ways to handle what is stressful to them.
(Only first and last names initials and ages given)
K H 42
K H admits they are very explosive but they do personally think that you need to get over with a complication and problematic situation as fast as possible, even if it means being rather explosive, or else the stress can build up and get worse later on.
This might not be the best way to handle things, because being explosive, in its self, is never a good thing. However I do agree that you need to not let problems build up to something you cannot control or into a situation that you won’t be able to control yourself.
J G 36
Personality-Quite, to their self, reserved
J G says to take quite time to think over the whole situation first before fighting or handling the situation
R W 39
Personality-Bold, outgoing, happy, go lucky
R W says during before and after a problem they just remember
“Except the things you can’t change,
Change the things you can,
And try for the wisdom to know the difference.”
Because R W says they fully believe that most stress is caused because people want control of complicated situations. So R W says to simply admit you are not in control of everything you want to be and admit some things you just can’t change.
I do in many ways agree with R Ws outlook on things. Because it is true, if we do not have control of others attitudes and stress that occurs we seem to maybe makes things a little worse than need be. So I want to encourage you, as does R W, to sometimes just let things be and move on doing simply yet oh so difficult thing will help you immensely in handle things you not truly handle.
K H 54
Personality-Calm, organized
K H says they think a lot about the situation and doesn’t make choices in the heat of the moment but chooses to look outside the situation in and then think fully on everything and then choice to go through with making a choice or finishing the problem.
T S 50
Personality-shy, comical
T S says to truly think through everything, from beginning to end. So like rather than being told something and then firing back with something, think your what you really want to say and hear what the others have to say through and through before actually opening your mouth. T S also says to try and keep a little since of humor, as to not stress yourself even more.
T S 47
Personality- Organized, logical and sequential (following or accompanying as a consequence)
T S says to look at situations and categorize it (like on a scale to one and ten) and evaluate it and if it’s truly important than try to see who/how it effects yourself and others and then make a decision to minimize negative impacts on either you or others. And T S says if it is not important on your scale after evaluating the situation, which most aren’t as important as you think in the heat of the moment that it is, than choose to simply say “oh well”.
J N 36
Personality-logical, to their self
J N says to talk about the situation with an outsider for their opinion. Just remember if you do choose to do J Ns tip than you need to talk to someone who will be truly honest, and who you will really listen to. Also J N says before making big choices they like to do homeopathic supplements to help cope with stress and clear there head.
C F 42
Personality-Very easy going
C F says to try simply have understanding and find a quit place for a little time to think and meditate. C F also says to always remember that in stressful times, fights and complication that you need to look for a progress not perfection.
T N 32
Personality-Easy going and simply tries to go with the flow
T N says to talk to someone who knows you really and will have your best interest at hand when giving you advice and listening to your complication.
G H 37
Personality-Out going and humorous
G H says to try for as little drama in situations as possible when trying to end the situation and realize life happens and you cannot be the center of the universe or fix everything or have everything go the way you feel they should.
L J 62
Personality-Optimistic (expecting the best in this best of all possible worlds) and quite
L J says to think a lot and consider all possibilities and to talk to someone whose opinion you value.
S P 36
Personality-Reserved, introverted (given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences) logical, optimistic (expecting the best in this best of all possible worlds)
S P says to stop a stressful situation and take a few minutes to think everything through, and S P says if it’s stress having to do with a choice that they make a list or pros and cons for that decision. For emotional situations they say they talk to a friend to get an outsiders opinion and if the problem is related to other people (like fights and so on) to try and see their side and see the situation through their eyes.
As you can see depending on their personalities depended on how their best way to handle stress was. So what works for one person, or your parents or friends or peers, in handling stress or difficult choices and situations, might not work for another. And doing just what others say for you to do in a situation on handling stress might even cause things to end worse than they might of if you knew how to handle your stress correctly and how you need to do it best for you.
So whether you know you handle stress poorly, or whether you simply want to find a new, or better way to handle situations. I encourage you, and hope you will, and hope it will help you, to take a look at all of what they all have suggested and to look at the personalities and think about how they might relate to you. Then think about how even if one way doesn’t work, that you will try different ways till you find one that will help you handle complication better in the future.