Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Teen Perspective on:Staying Positive

A Teen Perspective on: Staying Positive
By: KRae
I would like to state that the simply yet hard task of staying positive actually relates mainly back to having appreciation. Because if you appreciate the people around you and how they are and the situations in your life than it will be relatively easy for you to stay positive. But on the other side of things you can appreciate the life you have and the people around you and still have a poor attitude about things or have a very hard time staying positive about things in those exact moments. So I would like to make a two points about being positive.
First off, being positive is more than just making sure you have a smile on your on your face. It’s your whole attitude. It’s being ok, calm, patient and peaceful with working late, taking out the trash or finding out you have a report due in the morning even though your first idea was to get mad and say “screw that!” Your attitude and positive feel in those situations will actually help not just those around you but it will greatly help yourself also. Because staying positive in those little situations, where you would usually tend to be mad or stressed about it, will help you to actually get through things faster and much easier.
Remember a simply attitude check can do a lot. And I know you have probably heard that many times growing up or maybe you even still do hear that quite often. But take it from me, no matter how stubborn you choose to be or how much you want to deny it, the people who say that, are right. Your attitude affects who and what you choose to be in times where life gets you down.
Now, maybe you have a hard time being positive in general. Maybe life and hard times have just got you so down that you not only ask why me, but you ask why let it go on longer? Well I would like to encourage you that, that also goes back to appreciating because even though things seem so down, you don’t even know how much worse it could be. So I strongly encourage you to stay positive with all of life. Trust me I have been there, where you are, wondering why but you need to stay positive about all and everything because your negative attitude and outlook on things only makes things worse over all and makes it so you can’t even try and look to see the good in things.
So be positive in big and little situations, remember to appreciate things, and never forget, a simply attitude check can do a lot on making sure you know and see the positive and express the positive you. Rather than being people down with being so negative.

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