Friday, January 22, 2010

A Teen Perspective on: Being Content in Loneliness

A Teen Perspective on: Being Content in Loneliness

Being content can mean lots of different things but the way I am going to touch on is, being content through the loneliness. You see I have and have seen far too many people, feel far too lonely and therefore it is something I feel most all of us could use a little help on.

So to start with, realize you aren’t alone. You may feel alone physically or emotionally but even if you are fully alone someone else out in the world is also. If you can realize or try and imagine that you’re not the only lonely person than that should help you to not feel so alone. For example if you are lonely because of a break up try and think about how, even if they left you for another, they may be feeling as lonely as you do right now as well. Or, if you feel lonely because of a death than realize how many other people die in a day and how lonely the other people who knew them feel as well. You see simply feeling alone is bad but feeling you are the only one alone can be even worse. So realize you aren’t the only one alone and you should then start to feel at least a little better about it all.

But maybe you are more of a busy body and you are just feeling lonely because you’re not out and about with friends or just busy working. Well if this since of loneliness seems like you than I encourage you to find a hobby. Something you can do easily and alone at home when you aren’t busy out and about. Things like making card castles, drawing, writing, even hitting a ball against the wall or just collecting things or learning an instrument, anything you think you might enjoy and then can and will do when you feel lonely when you are at home at the end of a very packed day. If a hobby doesn’t sound the most appealing then you can make a list of movies or TV shows you have wanted to see and when you feel lonely pop one in.

But maybe you feel lonely due to lack of friends or at least lack of close friends. In which case maybe you need to simply reconnect with an old friend, make a friend a closer friend or just make new friends. Just find a friend so then the two of you or a group of friends can keep each other company on those days you feel you need people around because of loneliness.

Another little trick might be to get a pet. Something easy to take care of that will just be there. Or even a dog that will take up even more of your time and entertain you in the lonely times. Maybe that is what you need. Or maybe a cat to waist your money…kidding… cats are actually very helpful to cure loneliness.

There are also, of course, personal tricks you will learn that help you to feel content but those may take time to learn and so I would say, try a trick and learn how it helps you personally and then go from there. I do hope this all helps you, and just remember to know you’re not alone.

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