Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Teen Perspective on: Getting Help

A Teen Perspective on: Getting Help
By: KRae

This article is a little different then what I usually do with these articles but please bear with me and open your mind to truly receiving what I’m trying to say.

When she looks in the mirror she hears her personal whispers about herself. She wonders and makes stories, better than her own, about what she wishes really happened and what she wishes never did. How did these scares get here? What drove me to hurt myself? How could I let this happen? She looks herself up and down telling herself, I am still beautiful. She tries to convince herself the lies one day will be set right and the scares one day will disappear.

She does know what really happened and she knows that people believe, exactly what she was told to say, and what at one point she believe also. But when things fade away the foggy clouds leave and the truth in the sky is revealed.

The truth is she was hurt. The truth is she didn’t have control. The truth is she was scared. The truth is she didn’t know what to do. The truth is… a lie.
The truth is, she needed help. She tried to gain control and help herself. But the truth is it didn’t work. She lost control and only found true control with outside help.

Now I’m telling you, she regrets not finding help sooner, so you go, find the help you need, be willing to ask for help, be willing to gain true control.

When he is lying in bed trying to fall asleep he rethinks everything. Running things through his mind, why did I do that? Why did that happen? What could have happened?
He fears and is confident about the future. The same way he fears and is confident about the present and even his past.

He worries about who sees him, and if they see him the way he wants to be seen or feels he needs to be seen. He worries about being the best, for himself, for them, for her. He thinks being the best is great. Why not strive for it? But he rethinks his actions; he rethinks how he brings others down or even brings her down. He thinks about his words and how they don’t really change him, just how others see him. He wonders will she change if he doesn’t. He worries more, rethinking the details worried about how his strive to be seen as best will eventually tear her down and push her away all because he brings her down just to lift himself up.

He knows he can’t truly be the best, even if he is. He knows his worry won’t change unless he does. He knows this urge to have to be the best is just that, an urge, it isn’t demanded or truly expected. He knows he might need help to realize he is the best at some but never all, even if he is, or isn’t at anything. He knows when he wakes up tomorrow he will most likely go back to striving to much and bringing others down to hard. He knows that won’t work forever. But he also knows unless his confidence can be boosted with outside help it never will be. Because he knows he can win or score but in the long run that won’t do anything. So why hurt himself and why hurt her?

He knows he needs help, do you? Find the help you need, be willing to ask for help, be willing to gain true confidence.

Now I would like to say, these stories can be swapped, these genders can be changed. These are generalized testimonies to help give you another perspective.

If you need to talk, if you need advice, or if you need help, talk to me, or another. Just be willing to get the help you feel you need.

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