Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Teen perspective on: Appreciation

A Teen Perspective on: Appreciation

This is a short article about simply appreciation and I do feel it is something most people need to do more so please read and truly think about the things I am saying.

Now,the generalized topic of appreciation can cover many different thing, your appreciation of things, and of others, and of course many more. But those are the two main issues I would like to touch on.

So first off, your appreciation of things. I could be simple and come right out and say, SUCK IT UP, stop complaining and appreciate life and what you’re given in life. Or, I could be a little more understanding and say just be thankful for what you have. Because you never truly know when it will all slip away, or when you could have it all swept away from right under your feet.

You see I do understand where you are coming from. I have been through things in my life that made me wonder why me? and made me wonder how I would even be able to handle anymore at all. Rather than being thankful that I made it through the situations. I like most people wished for a difference, different things, different circumstances, different everything. But I have, and I hope this article will help you also to see the truth. The truth that there is always something worse that could happen or could of happened. There is always someway that u get off easy even when you don’t realize it. And I fully believe if you just try to look for those ways, that you will see too, why you need to be appreciative. And if that doesn’t work then I encourage you to realize that the bad could become horrible, the horrible could deadly or worse. So think about that and please realize that, no matter how bad things get, you have it easier then someone else out there.

Now, the next kind of appreciation I want to talk a little about is appreciating other. And please trust me when I say, I know how you feel about people who drive you totally insane, people you can never get along with, people who are just annoying, and just people in general sometimes. And it is understandable to just not get along with certain people because some people are annoying, or rude, or inconsiderate, or full of themselves, or selfish. Sometimes personalities just don’t work well together at all. But I want to encourage you to still appreciate the people who drive you mad.

I’m sure now you’re expecting me to say, what if they weren’t there or something happened to them? But I know firsthand that sometimes you do wish that something would just happen to them. But there are more reasons to appreciate the people who you can’t stand or who have hurt you in life such as, maybe they need you. Or, deep down inside you, even if you don’t realize it, you need that little insanity in your life. So maybe it’s as simple as you all actually help each other in very off and different ways. So no matter what way someone is, you need to appreciate them for who they are and what they do to affect your life. Because never forget they could be replaced with someone else, and things could get even worse.

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